A number of organizations, programs, and individuals have provided monetary and institutional support for this site.

Truth Initiative
Thank you to the Truth Intiative for providing critical foundational funding at the outset of the project.
This site would not be possible without the generosity of ABBYY. ABBYY's FineReader Engine is the industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) engine. Its accuracy allows us to provide the highest-quality machine-readable, full-text searchable text possible, particularly for challenging old documents with faint print or those with low scan quality. We adapted FRE for use with a high-throughput computing system to rapidly millions of pages in under a week's time.
Amazon Web Services
This site is supported by an Amazon AWS in Education Grant award.
University of Wisconsin-Madison Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars Program
At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we would like to thank the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Health & Society Scholars program for competitive grants that funded development of a user interface for the site.
CUNY - The Graduate Center
At the City University of New York, we thank the Graduate Center and its Department of History.
Columbia University Center for Science and Society
At Columbia University, we thank the Department of Sociomedical Sciences and Center for the History and Ethics of Public Health, the Department of History, and the Center for Science & Society.